Vellos Bride, Rebecca

Adam Spooner Photography

Just wanted to say the biggest Thank you for making my amazing dress!! The wedding felt like a dream that will never be forgotten!! It was such an amazing experience making my dress with you and helping with the design you did such an incredible job! I couldn’t have asked for any better or found anyone else to have designed it!! It has sure left the best memory for the biggest & best day of our lives!! It was an amazing journey with you.

During my initial consult with Maria I was not only blown away with the knowledge she had for gowns, but I was captivated by her creativity. What I had pictured in my mind came to life in her sketches and my very own designer gown was ready for the making.

Each appointment was carefully planned to coincide with the time leading up to the big day and every fitting was detailed with options, accuracy and advice for what is looking good, what should be amended and what made me look my best! My dress was amazing and everyone loved it!